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Reaching your health and fitness goals may be easier than you think with the guidance of our health and fitness specialist. Many people get stuck doing what they have always done, not knowing that a simple adjustment in their effort may be all it takes to initiate lasting progress. At SamFit, we are not just offering opportunities to exercise and increase your physical activity levels.

Find the Right Training Option for You

Here to help you improve your health, strength and well-being 

One-on-One or Semi-Private Workouts Tailored to your Fitness Goals

Bring new life to your workout by letting a trainer pick your routine. At your pre-session visit, you and our trainer will review your personal exercise history and specific goals. Then our specialist will guide you through a workout to maximize your progress toward those goals. One-on-one attention from our trainer will help ensure that you meet the physical needs to accomplish your fitness goals.

Focus on Improving Your Overall Health

These one-on-one sessions focus on the coaching that you need to improve your overall health and well-being; whether it is motivation and goal setting, nutrition guidance, or the fine-tuning of a well-established routine. Stop in today to find out more about our health coaching services, which are designed to ensure all of our members receive the care plan that they need to achieve optimal results.

Specialized Programs Designed for Independent Workouts

Looking for specificity and traceability; our personalized programs involve multiple visits, including: a quick session to get goals and measurements, one-on- one training sessions to learn your weekly personalized program, and a follow-up session to measure your success. This program is ideal for the beginner in need of guidance, a mid-level exercise enthusiast, as well as the athlete preparing for a specific sport or event.
If dramatic transformation is your goal, the Wellness Package is for you. You won’t find this highly beneficial and exhaustive wellness package at any other gym in the region. It’s part of our commitment to the health and wellness of the communities we serve. 
For a one-time fee, in addition to your monthly membership, the wellness package option includes:
  • An annual health risk assessment (HRA) and detailed health report, including a full biometric screening
  • Convenient access to our health and fitness specialists for guidance, support and training
  • The option to attend frequent health education seminars led by Samaritan’s many health and fitness professionals
The HRA includes a full blood panel, body measurements, a brief behavioral questionnaire and clinical measurements. Our expert staff will use this information to provide you with detailed recommendations for lifestyle improvements aimed at preventing chronic diseases and improving your overall health. The HRA is valued at more than $150, and you’ll receive your HRA at a significantly low rate as a part of your Wellness Package.

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